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Internet of Things

The Internet of things becomes part of our everyday life.

5G network as important foundation for autonomous driving

5G network as foundation for autonomous driving

A few years ago, self-propelled cars were merely a vision in a science fiction film. Today, the first semi-automated vehicles with various assistance systems drive on our roads. Even autonomous driving is no longer just a dream.

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Information for?media on the new communication standard 5G.

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Network rollout 2020


Network rollout 2020: significant growth in 5G and fiber optics

4 days


COSMOTE launches 5G and hits another network first...

2 weeks

Claudia Nemat, Srini Gopalan and CEO Tim H?ttges (from left)


Fiber optics and 5G: Telekom dials it up

3 weeks

XR will change almost everything. Hubraum, Nreal and Startups develop solutions for the future.


Mixed Realities, Startups & Deutsche Telekom: Something's up!

6 weeks

Soccer live, everywhere: With 5G, fans are always with their favorite club.


Bonner SC goes 5G: SPORTTOTAL AG and Telekom Deutschland launch pilot project

6 weeks

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