What went wrong with this family? Was it Harry Sr.’s own insecurity and his insistence on strong discipline? or his penchant for guns? or was it the cruel teasing from Harry Jr.’s classmates? or the vicious hazing at the Citadel that drove Harry to the brink? This unique dramatic true story will convey an extraordinary inside picture of the events leading up to the murders, and of a troubled teenager with heartbreaking conflicts.

Starline Films is encouraging members of the community, past and present, to participate in this collaborative film project, aimed to explore the issues and raise awareness to their warning signs. We would like for those who view this film to recognize that this could happen today and perhaps be more aware of its potential in their own community. This powerful portrayal of an unforgettable character whom everyone knows from somewhere and from whom some find uncomfortably close to home is…Anyone’s Son  

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